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Laurel Cottage to Wansfell & Ambleside

Turn left out Laurel cottage and walk to the junction.

Turn right onto Woodland road then immediate left onto Broad street then walk to the end of the road.

Turn right onto Crescent road then walk through the village centre until you reach the Queens Pub, follow the road to the right and walk to the top of the hill.

On the other side of the road you will see a large hotel called “Windermere Hotel”. To the left of this there is a marked footpath leading to Orrest head view point.

Take the footpath,  you will immediately see a track to the left, ignore this and continue uphill.

Follow the track until you reach a wall, turn right here and continue up the hill until you reach a gate. Go through the gate and climb to the summit of Orrest Head.

With the view of the lake in front of you look to the right and you will see a white farm, walk down the hill in that direction following the track, you will come to a signpost marked “causeway” climb over wall and follow sign.

Keep the white farm to your left until you reach a wall with a road on the other side of it. Climb over and turn right a little further down the road is a sign  beside a farm marked “Far Orrest” , There is a gate at the rear of the farm, go through to the next corner follow the footpath over the wall and across the field to a stone wall climb over, there is a yellow marker on the other side, follow this to the large tree and go over the wall.

Keep the wall on your right and go through the next gates to the rear of the farm.

Go through the next gate and turn right down the lane to the next gate. Go over the fields following the track to the road and turn right. Approx 50 yards on the left turn left down the track. Follow this until you are the other side of the woodland. Continue along this track until there is a fork, take the left fork and follow this to the farm, go through the gate the track bends to the left follow this to the road.

Turn right and walk to the Church. Just past the church turn left onto a footpath. Follow this path until you reach a 5 bar gate don't go through this one)

Look to the right and there is a path leading to another 5 bar gate, go through this and and p the hill to the next gate.

Follow the track until you come to some properties, the track continues to the right of the property in front of you. follow this untill you reach the road.

Turn right and walk along the road until you reach “Lane foot farm House” turn left here, there is a sign on the wall showing path to Ambleside, this is Nanny Lane. This path will take you to the top of Wansfell, About half way up follow the path marked Ambleside again, this will take you to Wansfell Pike and then continue down to Ambleside.



Distance: Approx 8 Miles

Time:       Approx 41/2 hours