"Such a cosy room, we've never felt so at home in a guest house!"

Certificate of Excellence 2013 - Trip Advisor

Watermill Ings

Laurel Cottage to Watermill Inn, Ings

1. Turn right out of Laurel Cottage, and then turn into the park. Immediately cross the grass to your right going roughly towards the hill (School Knott) in the background and, in the foreground, towards the gap between the terrace houses on your right and the cricket pavilion on your left. When you reach the road beyond the park, turn left.

2.  Turn right up Fairfield road, walk to the top of the road and turn left. Walk to the hedgerow and go through the gate.

3.  Walk to the hedgerow and go through the gate.

4.  Now walk straight ahead, over the tarmac path and past the gate on your right and follow the path up the hill. After about 1 km you will come to a gate/stile. Go through it and follow the path to the left, following the wall round School Knott Hill.

5.  You will eventually come to a stile/gate. If you come to a 6 or 7 bar gate, follow the wall up the hill to the right and you’ll find the stile/gate.

6.  Follow this track and eventually, after two boards over a stream, you go into open fields. You will see a white house. Walk towards this. When you get to the road, go through the gate, along the road and then take the left fork towards the house.

7.  At the gate to the yard of the house, follow the public foot path sign and walk towards the telegraph pole.

8.  Over the wall and then walk down the field towards the bottom left hand corner where you’ll see a style.

9.  Use the direction of the yellow arrow and you will see a post in the distance. When you get to this post, follow the direction of the arrow and you will see a gate.

10.  Again follow the arrow towards the small tree/bush, over the wall, and then across the field. Carry on through the gap in the wall and through the gate ahead of you and your on the road.

11.  Turn left, under the railway, through the gate and at the end turn right. There you’ll find the Watermill pub.



Distance: 3 - 4 miles

Duration: about an hour walking

Please note that this walk can be muddy and boggy in places.