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Laurel Cottage to Brantfell and Bowness

I. Turn right out of Laurel cottage, walk up Park road passing the Post office on the left. Continue up the hill past Lickbarrow road. The road then bends to the right.

II. On the bend there is a path that runs behind the bungalows. Take the path. You will pass a sign on the left marked “Bowness”. Follow the track which turns right and after 50yards then bends to the left, go through the gap in the wall. (don’t go straight on here)

III. At the other end of this path there is a gate into a farm drive. Go through the gate straight ahead and through the next gate into the field.

IV. There is a stone wall on your right ,head for the corner there is a yellow marker, from there head for the gate at the far end of the field, there is a large fir to the right of it. Go through the gate.

V. Follow the yellow marker heading for the gate in the wall continue through this to the next gate. (Both the gates are 5 bar with kissing gates, the gates could be open)

VI. Into the field, head straight over , there is a farm in the right hand corner. To the gate in the corner of the filed marked “Dales way”

VII. Continue along this path passing a large farm on the left to the next gate. Go through the gate.

Option 1

· Continue along the path to the next gate and drop directly into Bowness.

Option 2

· Take the steps on the left to continue to Brant fell.

VIII. Take the steps and follow the track up the hill following the yellow marker through the wood on the left. Follow the track to a stone wall, go over the wall turn left and Brant Fell is in front of you. Climb to the top and enjoy the views.

IX. When descending Brant Fell head for the wall again but don't go over. Instead continue along the path keeping the wall on your right and over the stile. At the bottom the path bends to the left, go over the wall and follow the path, this is “Post Knott view point.

X. Re join the path and go down a dip and through the gate into the wood, follow the path to the left. You will come to a crossroads in the path. Turn left into Bowness or turn right which will take you back to the steps at the gate at point viii.



Approx 1hr to Brant Fell


Approx 3 miles