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School Knott

Laurel Cottage to School Knott

1. Turn right out of Laurel cottage, cross the road and enter the park. Cross the grass to the  road at the far side of the park. There is a cricket pavilion on your left, walk past this. Upon reaching the road turn left.         

2. Take the turning on the right, Fairfield road, walk to the top of the road and turn left. Walk to the hedgerow and through the gate.

3. Turn right and go through the gate.

4. Continue and you will pass a cottage on your left. Follow this road over a stream and up a slight hill (don’t take the footpath sign on your right as you pass the cottage)

5. After about 20 yards the road goes to the right you will see a five bar gate in front of you, go through the gate. Follow the track to the next gate, there is a stone bridge on the other side. 

6. Continue along the track and up the hill. After 100 yards there is a track off to your left, take this and continue up the hill.

7. After half a mile you will come to a gate. Go through the gate but don’t take the track on your right. Keep the wall on your right and continue until you get to the Tarn.

8. As you reach the Tarn keep the left of it, about half way along look to your left and you will see a gate in the wall (might be a gap if the gate is left open). Go through the gate and walk to the top of School Knott and enjoy the view.

9. Go straight down the other side in the direction of the lake. Go through the stile at the bottom and continue down the hill which will bring you back to point 3 of the directions. You can retrace your steps back to Laurel Cottage.



Distance: Approx 3 miles

Time:        Approx 50 minutes